A Message From the CEO

Hi there! Thanks for visiting The Bearded Bean Coffee Company. 

I'm Jake, the CEO of The Bearded Bean Coffee Company. This is my first large scale venture into entrepreneurship and I couldn't be happier! 

Through all of my trials in this market, I've learned one thing about coffee. QUALITY MATTERS. Although those big chain brands have product everywhere, the one problem they couldn't solve was just that - QUALITY. We've found a way to bring you quality at a more than affordable cost.

Most coffee suppliers offer blends rated at a AA standard. Like credit, we know that the big chain standard seems to be middle road at best. Here at The Bearded Bean Coffee Company, we've successfully surpassed those chains with AAA rated or better quality gourmet blends, sourced them from around the world, and on top of that, work inside a fair trade market that allows coffee farmers the ability to be paid a far and livable wage so they can take care of their own families. We know how important fair trade is. This is a standard we will never ignore.

We decided to do something different than the other guys. Those big chains are cheap because their product is cheap. We saw our clients driving to grocery stores and gas stations for middle road quality with a service they physically have to seek out to find, picking it up, and then driving again to get back home. I saw how inefficient this was and how problematic it could be for some, so we simply made this process easier and better!

We ship our blends straight to your door so there's no need to leave the house, and unlike the mass-produced corporations, you can be sure that our ingredients are only 100% coffee. Even more so, every blend is guaranteed to be packed with flavor and truly give you that energy kick you need to get you through the day. Order it online, deliver it to your home or even your office.
To say it bluntly, our stuff tastes better, works better, and saves you time.

We like to keep things simple, but you probably figured that out by now. 

Thanks again for visiting The Bearded Bean Coffee Company
- Jake